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Listing ID:150836
Title:Fluid of Properties
Description:The PVT Cloud generates a black-oil PVT table based on Industry-Standard Correlations. Both Field (default) and Metric units are supported by the PVT Cloud. The Oil Panel displays four properties i.e., Bo (oil formation volume factor), the compressibility of under-saturated oil, Rs (solution gas-oil ratio), and the oil viscosity. The Gas Panel displays three plots - Bg (gas formation volume factor), the gas Z-Factor, and the gas viscosity.  For computing the Z-factor, the user has three options.For the calculation the Dranchuk et al. correlation, the Katz correlation, or specify a constant value can used.The calculations are done on the basis of Bubble Point Pressure/GOR at Initial Bubble Point Pressure.
Category:Top » Business » Energy and Environment
Owner Name:Jenie Wilson
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