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Listing ID:135739
Title:Techni-Pharma laboratories
Description:Our History: an independent, family company. TECHNI-PHARMA laboratories began their business primarily in oncology, with their flagship drug CHLORAMINOPHENE commercialized in 1956. This medication remains a drug of reference, particularily in the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The same year, the MISULBAN was developed and its active ingredient busulfan continues to be used for bone marrow transplants. As of 1975, TECHNI-PHARMA expanded its activity by branching out into two other therapeutic areas: - Pneumonology / ENT with the drugs PNEUMOGEINE, TECHNIPHYLLINE, and CALYPTOL INHALANT. - Gastroenterology with EDUCTYL, PROKINYL LP and PSYLIA. Today we are focused on these three areas: oncology (Chloraminophène), pneumonology / ENT (Calyptol Inhalant), and gastroenterology (Eductyl, Prokinyl, Psylia). Our mission : To offer targeted solutions that respond to our patients' health concerns in a safe and efficient manner. Key Numbers : Turnover 2013 : 6 479 844 €› Staff : 18 people Suppositories : 35 000 000 units› Liquid capsules : 10 000 000 units› Vials : 5 000 000 units Sachets : 4 000 000 units
Category:Top » Business » Healthcare
Owner Name:colibritechnipharma
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